Chicken-turkey kebab

Parameters of chicken-turkey kebab


Deep-frozen meat product consisting of chicken legs, turkey legs and selected spice mixtures and ingredients. The individual cones are wrapped in the food foil on the spit. The meat product is for baking. It is labeled with all data according to valid legislation.

The best recipe for chicken-turkey kebab?

Our kebab meat is always fresh, prepared with special technology to ensure its fragility and longer shelf life. The fresh meat we process in our factory is beautiful to look at, even though it is still raw. This shows that we pay attention to the quality of meat when choosing its supplier.

Chicken-turkey kebab is very popular for its delicate flavor, as well as its affordability. Excellent taste of chicken-turkey kebab is achieved with a special recipe of spice mixture that we preparedso long until it was perfect. Today we have this recipe patented and stored for the next generation. I am proud to offer it to our clients and buyers of chicken-turkey kebabs.u.

The smell of chicken-turkey kebab

Do you know that feeling when you go to the square and your nose cracks the unmistakable scent of kebab? Roasted meat rotating on a vertical grill, nicely dense, full spices and ingredients. Chicken and turkey meat from which you get only the crunchy crispy pieces into the white fragrant kebab of bread. Yes, the pieces of roasted meat that we all prefer.


Are you looking for a döner kebab maker, meat or products to prepare it?

Then just call and try our products. You can convince yourself of their quality and we are convinced that even your clients, who will prepare a tasty döner kebab or gyros, will enjoy their pleasure and will be happy to return to your premises. Our menu of chicken-turkey meat for kebab is interesting, we have several weight categories from which everyone really chooses.

Kebab, such as chicken-turkey, will be brought to you by our own cars that are equipped and meet the exact rules for delivering frozen meat and products.