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výroba masa na kebabWe are a kebab meat company.

Turkish-company is based in the Ore Mountains and is one of the leading meat producers of kebab, döner kebab and gyros in the Czech Republic. We are a young and dynamically developing company that emphasizes the precise preparation of meat for products such as kebabs. We have a wide range of products that we continue to expand to the satisfaction of new and existing clients.

Furthermore, our portfolio is expanded by offering a complete service for restaurants and snacks, focusing on Turkish cuisine.

What can you expect from a meat producer on a döner kebab?

Primarily, the size of the production already exceeds 15 tons of meat per day, the cleanliness of operation and the selection of only the finest meat. We are constantly guarding our external suppliers of kebab meat, and we maintain high quality raw materials throughout the production process, after we distribute the meat to you at the facility. Our customers have been cooperating with us for years, which not only indicates the quality of our kebab products, but also the mutual understanding and solvency of our company. We will continue to do everything we can to keep this credit.

Are you looking for kebab maker?

Then just call us and try our products. You can convince yourself of their quality and we are sure that your clients, who will prepare a tasty kebab or gyros, will be delighted to enjoy it.

We look forward to possible cooperation.

Turkish-company s.r.o.


We offer many products such as beef kebab, turkey kebab, veal kebab and other variants and combinations. Check out our catalog and you will definitely choose.

Retail and small businesses

For orders for retailers and retail outlets, see where you can find a wide range of outfit facilities.

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